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Alicia Kanini’s Mother In Therapy After Humiliation Following Viral Video

Collage image of Tiktoker Alicia Kanini. |Photo| Courtesy|
Collage image of Tiktoker Alicia Kanini. |Photo| Courtesy|

Alicia Kanini became popular through her spicy TikTok dances, but her fame shot after she dropped an explicit video on the adult content platform OnlyFans much to the dismay of her fans, receiving backlash from netizens.

The repercussions of her video were soon felt by her family, and recently her brother announced that he had cut ties with her, and never wanted to be associated with the dancer again.

Speaking to an online media platform, her brother popularly known as Nazra Black, detailed their family’s history, shedding light on what could have led that Tiktok creator to resort to such drastic antics.

He stated that they were raised in the Umoja area of Nairobi and that they lived in abject poverty which caused their separation, each sibling moving from home in their teens to fend for themselves.

Having a three-year age gap, the siblings found it easier to remain apart, and they only met on rare occasions. Even at the onset of the online chatter about Kanini’s video, they had not seen each other for three months.

Black stated that during his time in the streets, he was lucky to get a well-wisher to fund his education, currently studying at Egerton University. His sister’s mode of survival however was a mystery as she preferred to maintain a private life.

It was not until the explicit video dropped that he got a glimpse of her hustle, and was in utter shock after a friend sent him the video without warning.

“I saw her face and could not continue watching. I asked him why he sent me the clip and he told me that everyone had seen it. I do not want to see my sister like that,” he stated.

The blow would be worse for his mother, who he explained was traumatized by what she saw. Being an avid social media user, Kanini’s mother received the clip from her friends condemning her parenting.

” My mom was traumatized and started displaying symptoms resembling those of a dementia patient. She was so stressed she almost looked like she had lost her mind,” he narrated.

Kanini’s mother was ousted from her local chama, and she was banished from her social circles. She remained home in despair and Nazra had to find a way to facilitate her treatment, sourcing for a therapist to help her unpack the trauma.

Black explained the reason behind his viral video disowning his sister, stating the damage she had done was too much to forgive. He hit back at commenters who opined that he was faking cutting ties with Kanini for clout and that he was financially dependent on her.

“I make my own money, I have survived on my own. She has never given me anything, and I have never called her asking for support. She has never sent me money,” he affirmed.

He was open to dialogue with his sister and was hopeful that she would apologize and atone for her indiscretions and would give her a second chance.

The siblings’ father is not in the picture and he declined to comment on the same.

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