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Arrow Bwoy Frustrated with One Child, Considers Co-Wife As Plan B to Grow Family

Kenyan musical couple Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami PHOTO: Courtesy

Kenyan musician Arrow Bwoy has shared his contingency plan should his current wife and fellow artist Nadia Mukami decline his desire to expand their family

The ‘Dodo’ hitmaker was speaking in an interview on the Obinna Live TV show where he expressed his concern with Nadia’s refusal to have more children, especially because the couple has only one child.

He told host Obinna that he would want to have three children, and currently, he was afraid that his dream would not come to fruition.

Arrow Bwoy shared that he has discussed the option of getting a second wife to fulfil his wishes with his wife and that the decision to move forward lies with her should she remain adamant about closing the chapter on kids.

The reason behind his motivation to have more kids is that he felt that their son was desperate for sibling company, and he as a father would like to replicate the same upbringing he had, noting he also has three siblings.

Nadia has voiced her concern about getting pregnant for a second or third time, stating that it would interfere with her career, and have a physical toll on her body.

“One thing I have a problem with is mtoi wetu amefika around 2 years,, so nataka pia mbogi nataka niongeze lakini amekaza.

Alafu pia, she is a baby girl na nataka akue forever a baby girl the way she is na sitaki pia asumbuke sana ndio nimemwambia nitafute mtu mwingine juu mimi aim yangu nataka watoto watatu.” Arrow Bwoy said.

He however maintained that should Nadia bite the bullet and go ahead with the plan to add more children, he would facilitate the necessary steps to help her to get back to her best shape even if it meant plastic surgery.

Nadia and Arrow Bwoy welcomed their first child Kai on March 24, 2022

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