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Babu Owino Shares Details on Cop Who Lost Both Arms After Tear Gas Explosion In Tuesday Protests

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino at the Nairobi West Hospital where CI David Maina is admitted. PHOTO: Babu Owino

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino on the evening of Tuesday, June 18 visited the two police officers who were seriously injured after a teargas canister exploded on them, during the demonstrations against the Finance Bill, 2024.

Chief Inspector David Maina and Corporal Moraa as identified through a statement from Central Police Station sustained their injuries while on deployment to contain the protesters in the CBD.

Inspector Maina lost both his arms in the incident while Corporal Moraa sustained injuries to the chest.

They are currently admitted at the Nairobi West Hospital where Babu visited them, lauding the doctors for their fast response to the accident.

“While CI Maina suffered terrible injuries, we are happy with the good work that the doctors and nurses of the Nairobi West Hospital are doing to ensure he recovers,” the Embakasi East MP said.

He also remarked that it is regrettable for anyone to be injured while Kenyans are exercising their democratic rights, urging police officers to remain vigilant in enforcing the freedom to protest.

“It is unfortunate that anyone should suffer injuries in the exercise of citizens’ democratic rights.

“To our police brothers and sisters, these young people are fighting for you as well; do not accept to be used to stifle freedom in our beloved Kenya. This country belongs to all of us and we have no other so we must get it right,” he added.

Chief Inspector Maina delayed releasing a detonated canister, and it exploded in his hands. His arms were blown up to the point of severing. The explosion also hit Corporal Moraa’s chest, leaving her with serious injuries.

Police have since explained that the canister in question differs from those used in previous protests, exploding in grenade fashion.

“This model has a pin which if released one has to lob the canister. That is why it hurt the team,” said an officer.

The day was dramatic, with a section of law enforcers and protesters engaged in running battles and many sustaining injuries from flying tear gas canisters.

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