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Barack Obama’s Sister Teargassed In The Nairobi Anti-Finance Bill Protests

Barack Obama's sister Auma Obama in the Nairobi CBD protests PHOTO:Courtesy

The countrywide demonstrations against the Finance Bill 2024 have kicked off, and in Nairobi, the showdown between protesters and the police has intensified.

Among the protesters is Barack Obama’s sister, Auma Obama who has found herself amid the mayhem. She was among those teargassed for picketing in the CBD.

She was in the middle of an interview with CNN Correspondent Larry Madowo where she decried the sad state of affairs that have led the youth to come out in numbers challenging the government.

“I am here because look at what is happening, Young Kenyans are demonstrating for their rights, with flags and banners, I can’t even see anymore,” she was saying when a canister lobbed at her group expelled toxic fumes leading her to be frisked away scampering for safety.

Kenyans have condemned the government for its use of excessive force in controlling the peaceful protesters, enraged at the display of violence even towards the former US President’s sister.

“CS Kindiki Kithure, I think we can safely assume that you are not in control of @NPSOfficial_KE and they do not respect your authority. Given that they are blatantly doing the exact opposite of what you said they would do,” Kui Muraya expressed.

“Barack Obama look what they are doing to your sister. Personally, I wouldn’t take it lightly but that’s just me,” another user stated.

Others reminded President William Ruto of his recent state visit to the United States where he was backed by former President Obama in his bid to put up a leadership school in the country.

“Hey Barack Obama, the man you met a few weeks ago and agreed to build a business school at the University of Nairobi so he said, has teargassed your beloved sister Auma while exercising her rights. Was that part of the deal?” Egline Samoei posed.

The protests in Nairobi have drawn large crowds, and the police are having difficulty controlling the demonstrations that have broken out across various parts of the city.

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