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Betty Bifwoli: Kenyan Lawyer Who Ditched Law Career to Pursue Cooking in Netherlands

Betty Bifwoli PHOTO/Kenyans

Betty Bifwoli is a Kenyan lawyer who gave up on her career in law to pursue her passion for cooking and training as a chef.

She ditched law for the kitchen despite reaching greater heights in the course of her career, including working with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Betty had worked as an advocate of the High Court in Kenya for years before moving to the Netherlands in 2009.

Here is her story as told by EAFeed.

Betty, a graduate of Moi University, moved to Holland over 15 years ago and continued to practice law, even working for ICC.

She made the decision to relocate after her husband landed a job in the European country.

Betty has also worked with an impressive number of multinational organisations both internationally and in Kenya.

“Immediately after my pupilage, my husband got a job here and I moved in with him. I worked with the ICC, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and another organization but I felt like it was not my calling,” she recalled.

However, after years of practicing law, Betty took a break from the demanding profession to pursue her passion for cooking.

In an interview with Chams Media, she noted that she chose to pursue cooking as she uses it to bring people together.

“I started by cooking for my friends and they encouraged me to start the business. I registered my business and got a location four years ago,” she stated.

Betty later set up her restaurant, Kenyan Delicacies, after acquiring the requisite permits and securing operations licenses.

Her clientele not only consists of Kenyans living in the Netherlands, but also high ranking political figures in the country.

“My typical clients are local citizens from the nearby offices including the Parliament. They love chapati and beans: the Dutch love bread and the majority are vegetarian,” she stated.

Betty sells a number of Kenyan delicacies including ugali, pan-fried chicken, beef, fish, pilau, green bananas, mandazis and samosas – selling for between Ksh 1,300 and Ksh 4,500.

Additionally, she runs a consultancy firm on the side, which helps Kenyans who are looking to invest back home.

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