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Betty Kyallo Agrees To Have A Baby with Young Boyfriend, Unlike with Older Exes

Media personality Betty Kyallo and her new boyfriend PHOTO:Bettymuteikyallo/ Instagram

Media personality Betty Kyallo is ready to give motherhood another go as she eagerly agreed to have kids with her new young love, Charlie Jones.

Kyallo who has been gushing over her new man all over social media, is not shying away from taking the serious step in the relationship, especially after she said that they have been together for eight months.

The mother of one was on her boyfriend’s comment section swooning over him after he posted her photo proclaiming their love.

“Hey, baby. I love me some you!,” Betty Kyallo wrote.
Charlie responded by asking Betty to have babies with him.
“@bettymuteikyallo give me some babies” he requested.
Betty took a surprising turn, eagerly agreeing to his proposal.
“Oh word? Say less,” she said.

The response caught many by surprise but further cemented that Betty’s lover girl persona was not a phase as many assumed.

“Aki maintain this one, online inlaws tusichekwe,” Sassy Nimo urged Kyallo.

” If Betty is happy then we are happy,” another stated.

Despite their significant age gap, Kyallo has insisted she is over the moon with her new partnership, saying she has found the right one after years of failed relationships.

She first came into the limelight after her relationship and marriage to journalist Dennis Okari, with whom she shares a daughter. She had previously been involved with actor Lenana Kariba, and after Okari, then followed a series of relationships with an unknown Somali man, an ex-governor and Nairobi lawyer Nick Ndeda.

The relationships were short-lived, with no talk of kids or marriage. This hence comes as a surprise that Kyallo is ready to embark on motherhood with her new catch, given her track record.

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