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Burning Spear Considers Putting Off October Show Following Anti-Finance Bill Protests

Reggae artist Burning Spear PHOTO: Courtesy

Reggae legend Burning Spear real name Winston Rodney is considering postponing or cancelling his upcoming show in Kenya following the aftermath of the Anti-Finance Bills protests that have now attracted international attention.

The 79-year-old Jamaican singer reacted to the protests on his social media platforms, stating he was standing in solidarity with Kenyans during this difficult time where people have lost their lives and scores injured in the demonstrations.

“I man Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear stand with my brothers and sisters from Kenya. I man love is unconditional,” he wrote.

In his statements , he intimated that his presence as a public figure could contribute to the unrest in the country and would want to prioritize the safety of Kenyans.

“I man do not want I man presence to add or make things worse. I want Kenya to be safe,” he wrote.

Spear then announced that he was considering postponing or cancelling his whole show set to happen on October 12 entirely, and wait until the dust settles, and that he was not sure of how he felt about putting off the event.

“This is an official announcement I man will cancel or postpone the upcoming show that is scheduled for October 12th. I cannot explain how I feel at this time,” he ended his statement.

Fans were quick to urge him to not cancel the show as they had waited 17 years since his last performance and were anticipating a thrilling show.

“No need to cancel your show mr African Teacher, Kenya is peaceful and safe,” one fan said.

“Rodney, we gonna be better soon and you will be safe to Visit Kenya by October. Everything is almost calm as we talk,” another urged.

Burning Spear last performed in Kenya in 2007 in front of a mammoth crowd at the Moi International Sports Centre in Kasarani, Nairobi.

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