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Police Man Whose Brother Was Shot In Protests Vows To Quit Job

A plain-clothed police officer who was part of hundreds of law enforcers deployed to maintain calm in the city yesterday was among Kenyans who were affected by the aftermath of the chaos, as his brother was among protesters shot dead outside Parliament.

In a video making rounds online , the officer seemed distraught after the discovery of his brother’s lifeless body draped in a Kenyan flag, and he wailed as he lay beside him. His fellow comrades sang the National Anthem in unison as the officer struggled to come to terms with his sibling’s demise.

“Just kill me, kill me, “the inconsolable man cried.

In another clip, the distraught officer was supported by a colleague attempting to comfort him, pacing back and forth in grief where he declared that he was ready to resign and return his uniform following his brother’s death.

It was clear that he was going through a myriad of emotions, bursting out loud in sarcastic quips telling onlookers that he applauded his colleagues for opening fire to protesters and consequently killing his brother.

“I am going to tell them, good work done, good work done,” he said as he sobbed.

” Let’s go to Kenyatta Hospital, and prove that he is my blood, then I can give them back my uniform,” he added.

The man proceeded to answer a phone call and started informing the person on the other end that his brother had been fatally shot, after which he proceeded to ambulances on standby seeking information on where his brother’s body had been taken.

Onlookers could not help but lament about the unfortunate incident, complaining that the extreme measures the government had resorted to through the anti-riot police clearly affected all members of the public, both police and civilians included.

” You are even killing your own,” one person chimed.

“This is what the government is doing to you,” another said.

The number of casualties and fatalities from the Anti-Finance Bill protests still remains unknown and reports of missing persons circulating online are steadily on the rise.


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