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D Star: StreetBoy Behind the Trending “Hozambee” Hit

Over the past week, the Ugandan street boy D Star has been trending due to his hit song “Hozambee,” which has taken the East African region by storm.

D Star’s rise to fame began when “Hozambee” started gaining traction on social media, particularly TikTok.

The song, also widely known as “Shifura,” quickly became a favorite, with millions of plays and thousands of creators making challenges out of its catchy beat and lyrics.

Its popularity has not only made it a club anthem but has also drawn the attention of prominent artists in the region.

Recently, Mudra, another well-known artist, released a remix of “Hozambee,” further cementing its status as a hit.

In a candid interview on Crux Xclusive, D Star shared his journey and the challenges he continues to face.

He remained grounded and committed to the life he knows best.

“Even if I made it big, I wouldn’t forget my friends on the streets,” he says, highlighting the strong bonds he has formed with his street comrades over the years.

D Star’s life is a testament to resilience and loyalty. He speaks passionately about his experiences, noting that the streets have shaped him and provided a sense of community.

“I am not renting anywhere; I sleep on the streets. Often we don’t even get the chance to sleep. We are always hustling. Life out here is really tough,” he reveals.

His commitment to his street family is unwavering.

“If I ever make it financially, I yearn to change the lives of my fellow street kids before I leave the street life to settle for a better life elsewhere,” he says. For D Star, true happiness comes from the shared moments and support within his community.

“We always share the little we have. That, for me, is true happiness.”

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