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Fred Obachi Machokaa Details Aftermath Of Gen Z’s Retaliation To Gloria Orwoba’s Arrest Demand Against Popular X Influencer

Radio Presenter Fred Obachi Machokaa and Senator Gloria Orwoba PHOTO:Courtesy

Rhumba veteran radio personality Fred Obachi Machokaa gave a detailed account of the online harassment he received after his niece Gloria Orwoba had X blogger Edgar Wabwire arrested.

He was speaking on his radio show when he narrated how he received a barrage of calls and messages from unknown numbers, who unbeknown to him had gotten his number online after it had been leaked.

The calls were very peculiar to the radio presenter, with many calling and hanging up before he could speak, much to his frustration.

“Mimi nimejifunza kuchukua simu zangu zote, they ring I pick inakata, when I call back another comes and more kept coming and I wondered what’s going on, ” he narrated to fellow Radio Citizen presenter Jeridah Andayi.

It was not until one caller made known his intentions behind his call that Obachi began piecing the puzzle together, realising that the matter was politically instigated, and targeting his niece nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba.

“Finally, one man told me to tell my niece to release Edgar, which is true, Orwoba is my sister’s daughter,” Machokaa explained.

He took to his phone to investigate what could have transpired and stumbled upon his phone number on X where it had been leaked and joined the dots as to why he had a target on his back.

Machokaa tried to reach his niece unsuccessfully and had to wait till the next morning to get the full story. Orwoba explained that she was also a victim of the phone number leak, which prompted her to report to the Police over infringement of her privacy, but she did not know that it would also come to affect her uncle.

“The next morning I called Orwoba and asked her what was happening. She told me of her ordeal with the harassment and she said the matter was a police case and there was nothing she could do. So I asked, what was my mistake,” Machoka explained.

He implored Gen Z netizens to leave him alone because he already was on their side in the fight against the Finance Bill and pleaded for peace.

“It is so bad, it is so annoying. I started this conversation but now you are making me the bad one and it’s probably because of this that you are here. Stop molesting me, please leave me alone,” he decried.

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