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Fred Obachi Machoka’s Number Leaked After Niece Senator Gloria Orwoba Has Blogger Edgar Wabwire Arrested

Radio Presenter Fred Obachi Machokaa and Senator Gloria Orwoba PHOTO:Courtesy

Veteran radio presenter Fred Obachi Machoka is facing the wrath of Kenyans online after many learnt of his affiliation with nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba.

Machokaa is the uncle of the senator, making him a target of harassment by netizens who were enraged after she had X Blogger Edgar Wawire arrested.

Wabwire was arrested for sharing the senators’s phone number as part of a campaign by online activists to pressure lawmakers into rejecting the Finance Bill 2024.

Orwoba was already facing the heat from a section of Kenyans who described her as a sell-out for she came out supporting the controversial bill, engaging in online battles with netizens over the unpopular amendments to the document.

In a now-deleted post, she even shared her number online asking disgruntled Kenyans to engage her in further discussions on her personal line.

All hell broke loose after reports revealed that blogger Edgar Wawire had been nabbed and was missing, and Orwoba was revealed to be behind the arrest over what was termed as an infringement to her privacy after her number was leaked online.

Fred Obachi Machokaa then found himself in the crossfire after netizens leaked his number in retaliation to Orwoba’s move.

“Usilale bila kusalimia Fred Machoka. Lazima atuambie kwenye niece wake ameficha Edgar. Number ndio hii. #FreeEdgarWabwire,” an X User named Book Ten shared alongside a screenshot of a text depicting the number.

The Rhumba presenter responded to the harassment saying that it was unfair that he was involved in the scuffle especially because has publicly rejected the Finance Bill.

“Quite unfortunate I must say. First, I am not sure you know where or what your mother, father, niece nephews have done today nor are you responsible for their actions. Just like you I am against this Finance Bill ile mbaya, but you want to harass me, Isorait,” he stated.

The trend which started as a plot to pressure MPs to vote against the Finance Bill has gained momentum, as now any public figure who crosses Kenyans online has their number leaked and finds him/herself accosted by thousands of texts and calls from angry netizens.

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