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Fred Omondi’s Baby Mama Emerges, Describes First Encounter With Comedian’s Mother At Rural Home

Fred Omondi's baby mama Rose Achieng talks of their relationship. Photo: Courtesy

Late comedian Fred Omondi’s baby mama, Rose Achieng, has revealed intricate details about their relationship before he passed away.

The mother of one, a daughter she shared with Omondi stated that she was afraid of emerging from the shadows after she learnt about his death, especially showing up to his home to join family and friends in mourning as her existence was unknown to the family.

“I want to thank Fred’s mum, she welcomed me well. When I got to their place, I thought they would start to doubt me. I am Fred’s wife; we have a child, she is two years old, and she is called Kyla Atieno Omondi,” she told a local media house.

She narrated her first encounter with Fred, saying they met during a wedding and quickly connected after sharing their contacts.

Their relationship soon strengthened, and they had a daughter. Achieng stated that Fred was a doting father, caring for their child since birth.

“We met at a function and talked. It was a wedding event. We exchanged numbers and started talking that’s how things unfolded and we had a daughter. Fred was the one who shaved our daughter’s hair,” she recounted.

The two were living apart, with the occasional visits from Fred to see little Kyla at Achieng’s home in Kibera, and therefore the news of his death shook her to the core.

She narrated how she found out about his passing through a friend who urged her to go to Mama Lucy Hospital. The friend declined to tell her that the accident he was involved in was fatal, instead asking her to verify his condition herself.

“There is a friend of his who called me, but I did not believe them because I was like we had talked and he had promised to come see our child. I was at our home in Kibera. I went to Mama Lucy. The friend called me in the morning. The friend did not tell me that it was a big deal, and she urged me to visit to see for myself. I called my sister to come for my child. I found daddy dead he was already at the mortuary,” Achieng stated.

Achieng made her way to Fred’s home in Sega, Siaya County, unsure of how she would be received following the unofficial status of her relationship with the late comedian. She however urged any other women linked to Omondi to show up saying that she would also join them in their mourning.

“I came alone, I did not know how I would be received. We did not live together, I would stay at his place for one month, then leave. I don’t know if there are other women. If they are there please come I am ready to mourn with them,” she stated.


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