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Gen Z Tiktoker Recounts Barricading Angry Protesters From Torching Jomo Kenyatta’s Mausoleum In Parliament

Gen Z Tiktoker Mercy Kaman who stopped protesters from accessing Jomo Kenyatta's Mausoleum in Parliament PHOTO: Courtesy

A Kenyan Tiktoker Mercy Kaman, was among protesters who made their way to Parliament on Tuesday, June 25 during the Anti-Finance Bill demonstrations where she found herself in the midst of chaos and destruction.

In a video circulating online shared by Mercy on the video-sharing platform, she is heard chanting anti-government slogans, when she makes her way to the Mzee Jomo Kenyatta Mausoleum to find protesters who were ready to wreak havoc on the memorial grounds.

She is then heard cordoning off the monument in the Parliament grounds to protesters who stormed the premises, asking them to respect the final resting place of the founding father of the country.

“Tusiharibu hizo, mazee tusiharibu hizo. Tunarejectu hiyo ya kuharibu pia, tufunge hii gate, hakuna kuharibu. Tuwachane na mzee,” she implores with protesters.

She is later flanked by other protesters who urged fellow demonstrators to divert to Parliament and leave the monument alone.

Mercy remains guarding the gate keeping anyone intending to destroy the mausoleum away, as fellow protesters proceed to raid Parliament.

The video elicited mixed reactions from netizens, with a section applauding her for her patriotic gestures and others unimpressed by her actions accusing her of incitement to destroy parliament.

“God bless you for protecting the father of the nation.👏you will live long,” one TikTok user stated.

“Mama Ngina reward this woman,” another stated.

“Ooh na mlisema hakuna leader, the son funded them,” Kipngetich Koech stated.

Others opined that following the events of the day after scores were shot dead and others critically injured by anti-riot police, it would be best if the Mzee’s Kenyatta’s remains would be moved as they would be haunted by their souls.

“The Kenyatta family should move Mzee from parliament to rest in peace at Gatundu. That ground is tainted,” one netizen said.

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