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Guard Who Was Fired For Shielding Protesters Honoured With Prestigious Award

Vincent Chepkwony, the security guard who lost his job for shielding protesters at the Java House restaurant along Kimathi Street has been reinstated.

The Hatari Security officer was also awarded the highest honour and commendation for a private security officer in Kenya by the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) for his heroic and patriotic acts.

This was after public outrage after his dismissal by the private security firm, prompting the regulatory authority to intervene and hold a meeting to address the issue.

In a press release, the PSRA lauded Chepkwony for his exemplary actions during the anti-tax protests, especially for putting his life and job on the line for the sake of the peaceful demonstrators.

“He demonstrated exceptional bravery by shielding members of the public from harm, showcasing the dedication, selfless patriotism, and courage that private security personnel bring to safeguarding life and property,” the release read.

After a comprehensive review of his termination, the authority concluded that Chepkwony displayed heroism and patriotism that warranted a promotion rather than dismissal. The Hatari Security Limited was instructed to reinstate him immediately.

In a separate letter, PSRA commended the guard for his remarkable dedication and service to the private security industry in Kenya.

“This commendation is in recognition of your remarkable dedication and service in the private security industry in the country. Your unwavering commitment, exceptional professionalism, and strict compliance with legal standards have been instrumental in promoting the development of the Private Security Industry in Kenya,” the letter stated.

Chepkwony went viral online after he allowed protesters to hide from anti-riot police at the Java House restaurant on Thursday, June 20 during the first of a series of anti-government protests.

He was praised by Kenyans, with many volunteering to send him money, amounting to Kshs 100,000 in contributions whicj he said was ten times  his monthy salary. Others showered him with flowers and gifts , thanking him for his act of kindness.

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