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Hanifa Farsafi: Activist & Social Commentator at the Frontline of Gen Z Protests in Kenya

Hanifa Farsafi. |Courtesy| X|
Hanifa Farsafi. |Courtesy| X|

Hanifa Safia popularly known as Hanifa Farsafi or Honey Farsafi is a social media influencer primarily on platform X formerly Twitter, activist and a social commentator.

Hanifa mostly focuses on social issues affecting society which has forced government officials to fix recurring problems.

Besides online activism, she is also a writer and runs a popular blog that highlights various issues affecting Kenyans.

Despite the dangers that sometimes come with activism, Hanifa reiterates that the pursuit for justice, fairness, equity and equality in society keeps her going.

Hanifa Farsafi. |Courtesy| X|
Hanifa Farsafi. |Courtesy| X|


Hanifa Farsafi first went viral after she trained the spotlight on the broken drainage system in Korogocho slums which was posing a serious health risk to residents.

During an interview with a local tabloid, Hanifa revealed that she saw children playing near the drainage and it crushed her spirit.

“I saw kids playing around the raw sewer which was not suitable for them, schools and hospitals around it,” she narrated.

It was only after her sustained activism on X that Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja addressed the matter, although she would later state that the intervention made things even worse.


Hanifa Farsafi led an online campaign calling out the rampant corruption within the Mandera County Government.

She received damning confidential information from concerned members of the public and aired it online.

“Some of the DMs I received were very disturbing. We cannot continue to live like this as a country,” Hanifa said.

Anti-Finance Bill 2024

Hanifa Farsafi was among Kenyan social media activists who led the #OccupyParliament anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests in Nairobi on Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

She took to social media to highlight the punitive tax proposals contained in the bill, arguing they would further oppress overburdened Kenyans.

As Hanifa rallied Kenyans to turn up in large numbers and protest outside parliament, she urged members of the public to keep the protests peaceful.

“One last thing again, this is a peaceful protest. Please maintain peace, do not interfere with people’s businesses, do not provoke or insult any police. Mambo itakuwa shwari,” she wrote in a post.

She was among the many Kenyans arrested by police on Wednesday as they protested along Streets in Nairobi CBD. She was held at the Nairobi Central Police Station.

Hanifa was released after the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) moved to secure the release of protestors who had been illegally arrested.

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