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How Passing Microsoft MS-101 Certification Exam Boosts Your IT Career

How Passing Microsoft MS-101 Certification Exam Boosts Your IT Career

The IT sector is fast-paced and demands constant innovation to solve the problems associated with it. These changes that are continually sprouting have led to the huge competition among the vendors as well as professionals. Thus, for you to stand out in this crowded environment, passing exams and getting certified is essential.

Generally, there are many certificates on offer in the industry that focus on a particular vendor or technology. And as a stakeholder in the world of IT, Microsoft has designed several helpful exams for you to become an expert in the field. One is the MS-101 certification exam, which is this post’s http://www.exam-labs.com.

Associated Designation

The MS-101 certification exam is linked to the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certificate, and earning it requires two evaluations, including the MS-100. Anyway, here, we will focus on the MS-101 exam, which is called Microsoft 365 Mobility & Security.

What are Benefits of Passing This Evaluation?

The rewards of passing the MS-101 test may not look real to some, especially if we consider that another exam is required to earn the related certificate. However, that is not the case. All professionals who pass it reap several benefits from it. So, here are a few of the perks that you will accrue after excelling in it:

1. Validation of your skills

As an IT professional, you may be confident that you have the skills required. But employers and other players in the industry need evidence that you indeed have them. Thus, when you pass the official MS-101 certification exam, you show that you are skilled enough to deploy services for modern devices and supervise governance as well as compliance. Furthermore, it will indicate that you can execute security plus risk https://www.examlabs.com.

2. Enhancement of your productivity

Highly productive professionals are much desired by employers. Once you succeed in the MS-101 certification test, it will boost your confidence in your Microsoft 365 management skills. This will potentially result in you improving your levels of production, which will, in turn, lead to you being entrusted with more responsibilities at the workplace. Besides, your value in the organization will improve significantly because you passed an expert-level test from Microsoft.

3. Standing out among your counterparts

The IT industry is currently crowded with professionals fighting for limited opportunities. Therefore, having the prerequisite certificate plus passing the MS-101 certification test is a tremendous boost to your visibility in the sector. As a rule, employers prefer to hire experts who are already certified or are yet to be certified but have aced an exam. This is because it costs them a lot of money to train their employees.

4. Recognition

When you pass the MS-101 certification test, you will join a community of elites in the world of Microsoft 365. This way, employers and other stakeholders in the industry will recognize that you are self-driven and determined to earn the associated certificate. Also, you will be recognized as an expert with the relevant skills to develop, execute, and troubleshoot Microsoft 365 technologies.


As it is evident from the discussions above, there are many benefits from passing the Microsoft MS-101 certification exam. You will enjoy these advantages after you take the MS-100 test as well and after eventually getting accredited. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy all the above-listed perks, prepare for, register for, take, and pass the tests!

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