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How to Apply for HELB Loan Without A National ID Card

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) recently opened its portal to underage students applying for first-time university and Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) loans and and scholarship applications for the 2024-2025 academic year.

The loans board shared this in a statement providing a step-by-step application guide to interested individuals who have not attained their National Identification card.

To ensure a smooth application process for interested applicants, the Board also provided a comprehensive list of requirements. This list includes all the necessary information and documentation needed to complete the application successfully.

Applicants are encouraged to review these requirements carefully to avoid any delays or issues during the application process.

HELB Application Requirements

The following requirements are needed from the applicant:

Applicant’s Details

  • A valid email address and telephone number
  •  KCPE and KCSE index numbers and year of examination.
  • ‌Passport size photo(in jpeg/jpg/Png)
  • A Copy of the National ID / Maisha card (both sides in PDF)
  •  Valid bank details or valid MPESA number (registered under the applicant’s name and ID number)
  •  Copy of Birth certificate in PDF (if applying as a minor)
  •  Copy of the sponsorship letter (in PDF) if sponsored in Secondary school. Parent’s / Guarantor’ Parents Details National ID and registered telephone number
  • ‌Copy of Parent’s death certificate if deceased (in PDF)
  •  Two guarantors’ ID numbers and registered telephone numbers (Can be parents)

Applicants are advised to follow the steps below in their applications for HELB loans and scholarships:

How To Create an Account
1. Visit www.hef.co.ke or www.universitiesfund.go.ke or www.helb.co.ke “Student Portal” and click on

Click on register to create an account.

2. Confirm and select whether you have your National ID or not. Specify Yes or No to proceed.

3. Enter your national ID number ,if not, enter your Kenya Certificate of Secondary (KCSE) index number.

4. Enter your KCSE exam year, index number and Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service code.

5. Enter your valid email address, password, confirm the password and attempt the robot question.

After this your account has been successfully created.

6. Go back to the site and fill in your email address and enter your password, then press the Login button.

7. Fill your profile and update your Names, (Birth certificate number, Date of birth and phone number)

8. Read through the consent form and tick the checkbox to agree with the terms of use. (Save to continue)

How To Apply

9. Fill up your residence details which include nearest primary school, Estate/Village, County, Constituency, Ward, Division and location. (Save and continue)

10. Add your Secondary and Primary school details

11. Add your preferred University /College details.

12. Enter your family details including your parent’s Marital status and the type of family you come from (enter details your parents’ details as requested).

By doing so, your profile is now completely created.

13. To get full scholarship tick the box indicated scholarship but if you need a full cover,  tick both the scholarship and HELB student Loan.

14. Submit your loan application request: Read the instructions provided and proof-read your details then click the SUBMIT button and save.

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