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How to Update Your Prepaid Meter

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Power distributor Kenya Power recently informed its customers that it plans to improve the prepaid token metre purchase mechanism.

The process completed last week needs all prepaid token metres to be updated with new software.

Kenya Power’s statewide Update Token Metre Yako campaign requires all token metres to be updated by August 31st, 2024, failure to which the metres will no longer take new prepaid tokens.

The upgrades which are part of a global upgrade aimed at prepaid metres, which use the Standard Transfer Specification (STS) protocol to authenticate and transfer prepaid power tokens will affect 7.4 million prepaid metres.

The STS system is being updated to improve security by prohibiting the potential reproduction of tokens.

The updating process requires the customer to enter two 20-digit codes supplied via SMS from Kenya Power.

The first code resets the metre, while the second code updates the software to the most recent STS-compliant version.

It is important to remember that clients must ensure that any previously purchased tokens have been used before beginning the process.

All unused tokens will be invalidated during the updating procedure.

Kenya Power has stated that a dedicated customer support staff has been established for the procedure, to manage inquiries and provide help during the operation.

The corporation has established plans to deliver reset and update codes directly to users who haven’t recently acquired fresh tokens.

How to update your prepaid meter tokens

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to update your prepaid meter;

  1. You will either receive the update code on SMS when you buy new tokens or Kenya Power will send an SMS to you.
  2. Once you receive the codes, enter code 1 into your token meter and press enter, to reset.
  3. Enter code 2 into your prepaid token meter and press enter, to update.
  4. The process is complete and your prepaid meter can now accept new tokens.

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