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Irene Adhiambo: The Little Known Sister Of Fred and Eric Omondi Residing In Germany

A photo collage of Irene Adhiambo, Fred and Eric Omondi PHOTO/UGC

Tributes are continuing to flow in following the death of comedian and Eric Omondi’s brother, Fred, who lost his life in a road accident on Saturday morning.

Since Fred’s passing, Kenyans have been sensing their condolences to his family including Eric and their little-known sister, Irene Adhiambo.

Not much was known about Irene until recently when a video of Eric welcoming her on stage during a past Churchill Show event resurfaced online.

But who is Irene? Here is what EAFeed has managed to dig up about the comedians’ sister.

A video of Eric joking with his sister during a Churchill Show event from more than a decade ago has resurfaced online sparking reactions.

In the video, Eric welcomes Irene on stage, disclosing that she was visiting Kenya from Germany where she works and lives.

Irene picked the microphone and jokes about Eric’s visit to Germany and how his thin frame sparked a discussion among her friends.

She noted that her friends were shocked with Eric’s leanness and wondered whether Kenya was grappling with lack of food.

“Eric came to visit me, and I had my friends around to say hello because it was amazing. I was busy in the kitchen, and the friends were like, ‘Irene, why didn’t you tell us that it is true Kenya needs help,” Irene joked.

After the brief interaction with her brother on stage, Irene was ushered back to her seat by Fred who was also performing.

While not much is not known about Irene, her interaction with her brothers showed how much they are close and love each other.

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