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Joanna Kinuthia Opens Up About Chris Kaiga Breakup, One Month After Split

Joanna Kinuthia and Chris Kaiga have called it quits PHOTO: Courtesy

Digital content creator turned entrepreneur Joanna Kinuthia has announced her breakup from her rapper boyfriend Chris Kaiga.

The influencer held a Q&A session on her Instagram stories, where she engaged her followers on updates in her life, including the end of her romantic relationship with the ‘Zimenice’ hitmaker.

She was aware that there had been chatter about her relationship especially since she stopped posting Kaiga on her social media platforms, and found it better to come clean on the break-up rather than keep it under wraps.

“The truth is we are not together anymore, I’m a single girl and it has been like over a month now and I’m okay and I don’t know what else to say about that situation,” Joanne said in her short video.

The pair began dating in 2020, proffering to keep the relationship private until 2022 when they went public during the content creator’s 27th birthday party. They shared photos of themselves revelling in the celebrations with her family and close friends.

The YouTube star would often share snippets of their partnership online, showing the goofy side of their relationship with short dance and fashion styling videos. Joanna would often accompany Kaiga on his performances in the country.

In December 2023, Joanna celebrated the ‘Kwa Ceiling’ hitmaker with a lavish party at a time when he was turning a year older.

“Today is a special day! It is my boo’s birthday and therefore it is my birthday too,” Joanna K excitedly wrote accompanying the post with cute love emojis.

She declined to reveal the cause of the breakup but assured her fans that she was handling it well.

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