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Karen Nyamu ‘Impressed’ After Mass Unfollowing On Social Media After Controversial Pad Taxation Comments

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu PHOTO:Courtesy

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu bowed to the supremacy of online activists who were outraged by her remarks on the controversial Finance Bill 2024, which led to internet clashes by digital dwellers with the legislator.

Nyamu lost many followers, while others reported her pages in retaliation to her unfiltered remarks regarding the eco levy taxation amendment in the bill about sanitary pad taxation.

She took to her Facebook pages to share her sentiments, stating that she was moved by the sheer number of those who went after her, impressed by the youth who took a stand against the unpopular document.

“I won’t even lie I’m so so impressed by the young people of Kenya! Mmenipasha mkani unfollow mka report page zangu because of a comment I made but deep down I stan a woke youth in my country. Whaat!” she wrote.

She defended MPs for passing the Finance Bill, remarking that the Thursday demonstrations would begin the answerability to the public which has since been a hot topic.

“Your voice hasn’t gone to waste, even when the bill eventually passes, nope! The government will have to be accountable for every penny. Corruption will not be tolerated. Sababu mko radar mbaya!! Msiwai choka,” she urged.

Karen has been facing the heat for her unwavering support of the bill, especially following her close relationship with President William Ruto which often sparkes online debate over her allegiance despite massive opposition.

“I support and have immense faith in the government of the day. I believe in my boss. He means well and one day it will become apparent for all,” the senator remarked.

The senator was unfazed by comments pressuring her to give her views on the proposed amendments and she responded that only imported brands attract that taxation. “Encouraging local manufacturing of sanitary towels and diapers. Why not? So many Chinese companies already manufacturing here exactly what we import. At least the labour and raw materials are ours.” she opined.

It was then she made a casual remark about using tampons, triggering widespread backlash and mass unfollowing on social media.

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