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Kate Actress Details Struggles Of Raising A Gen Z Son As He Celebrates 18th Birthday

Kate Actress and her son Leon Kamau PHOTO: Courtesy

Media personality Kate Actress is celebrating her firstborn son Leon Kamau turning 18, gushing over him on her social media platforms.

She penned an emotional tribute to her son, acknowledging the struggles she has endured as a single mother raising him to be the young man he has grown to be.

The actress expressed gratitude for his growth, and for his safety especially in the current times after the Anti-Finance Bill protests where young men lost their lives at the hands of police officers.

“I am extremely emotional today πŸ˜”, Happy 18th my big baby. With everything that is happening around us,πŸ˜” mothers losing their innocent sons to police brutality & other injustices a black boy child is subjected to in today’s society, I just want to hold you a little closer today, with so much gratitude to God for getting you to this big Age. We did it, my boy. Happy Birthday my heart πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½” she wrote.

On her Instagram stories, she noted how challenging it was being a parent to a Gen Z son, stating how he dislikes displays of physical affection she showers him with, urging parents to savour the moments when their children are younger and more receptive to hugs and embraces.

“Hug them a little more when you can, Gen Z hawataki hugs unnecessary,” she wrote underneath a photo of a young Leon.

Kate listed six prayers for her son’s future in her tribute, praying for his safety, wisdom, and character as well as a community of people to surround him with love and positivity.

Her friends and followers thronged on her comment section wishing Leon a happy birthday and welcoming him into adulthood along with the responsibilities that come with it.

“Happy birthday Leon! More blessings and favour,” fellow actor Nick Mutuma wrote.

“Happy birthday KAMAU!!!!!!Auntie Njoki is super proud of the man you have become!!! Get that DL now. Your Aunties need a chauffeur for road trips!” Film and TV Producer Izareeh stated.

“You have done well ❀️❀️❀️ happy birthday champ!” DJ Pierra Makena commented.




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