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Ken Carson: ‘A’ Student Who Struggled To Pay Fees Builds Multi-Million Mansion Next To Former School

Ken Carson: 'A' Student Who Struggled To Pay Fees Builds Multi-Million Mansion Next To Former School

Ken Carson is a top orthodontist in Kenya and is the founder of Lake Basin Orthodontic Center, one of the most distinguished dentistry centres in the country.

His story of rags to riches has become an inspiration to many and is somewhat similar to the story of renowned American doctor Ben Carson, both facing difficulties in their upbringings but growing to become medical luminaries.

Ken was a star student and was a top performer in primary school. He passed his primary exams, and it led to his being called to attend Maseno School to pursue his high school studies.

It was his dream to attend the institution, but the reality was that it would be impossible, as his family was living in abject poverty and could not afford to facilitate his expensive high school education. Regardless, he had to join a school rather than drop out, and his parents pondered on how they would make money to send their son to school.

Carson’s father suggested he take up carpentry through apprenticeship while his mother sold some of their possessions for school fees. They would then enrol him at the local high school, hoping that things would work out.

“On February 6, 2004, at 3 am, my dad and I set out on a bicycle to Chulaimbo High School (a distance of 40 km). By 6.30 am, we were already in the school compound.

We sat at the visitors’ bench. The principal noticed us and summoned us in. We had no admission letter or school fees. Dad handed over the result slip. It was a chance for me,” he vividly recalled on YouTuber Jarunda Jaluth’s channel.

The principal, Mr. Hezron Oyolla, was beyond impressed by his academic performance and consented to an arrangement where Carson’s father would bring in farm produce in place of fees.

The school offered both day and boarding programs, and he joined the day classes immediately despite the long distance from home. With no fees to cater for transport, Carson had to resort to other means of survival to help him attend all classes without fail.

“This is the house I used to rent during my early years of high school. I would wake up at 3 am every day to de-weed people’s farms for pocket money. This reminds me of the phrase ‘never give up in life.”he explained

He maintained his great academic perfomance, and his goal was achieving an A in his KCSE examinations, which was unheard off at the little school. Mr Hezron took notice of Carson’s determination as he topped in all his clases. He saw an asset he was not ready to lose and was influenced by his struggle living in a mud shack to enrol him in boarding.

“We made him a full boarder who could not be sent home for fees because I saw an A plain and that was rare during that time. I never wanted that grade to go,” the Principal, who attended Ken Carson’s housewarming party stated.

Carson made history attaining an A plain in the 2007 KCSE exams,the first ever from Chulaimbo High School.

“”I went ahead to give the school their first ever A plain and put them on the newspaper. Now I am a doctor who transforms people’s smiles! Never! Never give up!” a proud Ken Carson wrote.

Carson would then attend Moi University for his medical training proceeding to Indiana University School of Dentistry where he specialized in Orthodontology.

He then built himself a palatial residence just next to Chulaimbo High School as a testament that anyone can excel no matter their background.

During his housewarming ceremony where he had invited all high teachers right from nursery to university, he praised his high school principal for giving him a shot at success despite his challenging upbringing.

“Doctor Oyolla, may the Lord bless you! Sometimes when I remember everything. I just break down,” he said.

“He always protected me. Even when they wanted to chase me for fees, he could organize for me to remain in school. We were suffering at home and I wanted to change things,” he tearfully recalled during his speech.

Having gone through such tough conditions, Dr Carson offered himself up for mentorship to local students who also come from a similar background and often encourages them to reach their limits.

To date, he has sponsored eleven students with full four-year high school scholarships and he has described this contribution to society as his legacy of empowering his generation by giving them wings through education.

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