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Kenyan Celebrities Who Relocated To The USA And Their Hustles

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The United States of America dominates as a dream destination for many Kenyans, hoping to achieve their dreams and change the trajectory of their current lives. There has been a spike of Kenyan celebrities taking the plunge, especially owing to better socio-economic opportunities that guarantee a shot at making it big, and cementing a legacy back home.

Here are notable celebrities who have moved to the land of opportunity, and how they are making bank while at it:

1. Nonini

Nonini, real name Hubert Nakitare, is famously known as the Godfather of Genge, and he relocated to the US during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He attributed his move to pursue greener pastures, in a bid to fast-track the launch of his fashion house, Mgenge2RU. The ‘We Kamu’ hitmaker has seen massive success since his move, stating that his earnings are now ten times more than what he used to get while in Kenya.

His apparel line sells high-end merchandise, including custom-made jumpers and shoes donning his brand logo. His sneakers are reportedly handmade and crafted in Italy, and they range around Ksh.25,000- Ksh.26,000 and KSh2,000 for a jumper on his website.

Nonini also runs a record label & video production company called Pro Habo ENT where he mentors various artists.

2. Benachi

Gospel singer Benachi, born Benson Ongachi, relocated to the US in 2015. He became an American citizen after marrying his Kenyan-American wife in 2016.

He stated that he was inspired to move to the country after a tour of the state of Delaware in 2012, and always wanted to become an American citizen. He was at a loss for how to become one, and the opportunity presented itself when he met his wife at a church service.

The singer now owns a car rental company in America and another company that takes care of the elderly. He has also acquired property, including a house and several vehicles. He continues to make music and he recently featured Gospel singer Size 8 Reborn in a song ‘Usifiwe’.

3. Senior Muigai

Hullabaloo Estate actor Senior Mungai moved to the US in 2021 with many fans speculating that he was seeking better acting gigs in the country. He indeed was in pursuit of greener pastures but his arrival in the country proved to be nothing less of a nightmare.

Upon arriving,  his plans hit a snug, rendering him homeless for six months. He lived in a shopping cart which he described as the toughest stage of his life. He sank into depression and was only able to pull himself out after interacting with other homeless people like himself, who encouraged him that life was going to be better. He was able to get a roommate and eventually, things started looking up.

Through his social media accounts, the actor revealed that he began his hustle as a truck driver in the US, sharing clips of him enjoying the thrill of adventure in his job, as well as relishing the good times at parties with friends.

4. Owago Nyiro

Former Churchill Show comedian Owago Nyiro moved to the US in early 2021. He had travelled to seek medical assistance over a life-threatening illness, and after his recovery, he chose to remain in search of his American dream.

With a background in the academic field as a former lecturer at St Paul’s University in Kenya, Owago landed himself a job as a personal assistant to Eva Okoth, the brains behind Seattle Home Aide Trainers.

Okoth has described Owago as a critical asset in the private vocational school, putting his management skills to work at the institutions.

“He has to make sure everything administrative works. He even manages my associate teachers,” said Akoth while speaking to the Kenya Diaspora media in a past interview.

5. Prophet Lovy

One-half of the Kenyan music group Lovy Longomba left Kenya in 2007 seeking to grow his musical career. He moved to the state of California and he is now Prophet Lovy of the Revelation Church Los Angeles. He reportedly acquired the church at Ksh 880 million.

He is a highly successful clergyman, interacting with Hollywood celebrities such as Nick Cannon and Swae Lee. He lives in the posh neighbourhood of Calabasas in Los Angeles and is married to his longtime partner and co-pastor Prophetess Maggy Soas. The couple is expecting their first child.

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