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Kinuthia Says Goodbye To Barber As He Permanently Lasers Off Beard

Content creator Kelvin Kinuthia PHOTO: Courtesy

Digital content creator and brand ambassador Kelvin Kinuthia has decided to undergo laser hair removal on his face to get rid of his beard.

The creator who is famous for his cross-dressing antics revealed that his beard was getting in the way of his content creation and that laser hair removal was his last resort to help him mitigate the problem.

He was speaking on his YouTube Channel, where he detailed his content creation struggles emanating from his beard, and the challenges he had encountered trying to tame his facial hair.

Kinuthia ‘s social media presence is pegged greatly on his cross-dressing content, and to complete the look, the 22-year-old often has to keep his growing beard short, hiding it with makeup but when it shows, he says his self-esteem is greatly affected.

“Guys, the reality is that saa zingine nakaanga mpaka na loose psyche ya kufanya content because I feel I am looking bad lazima niende ninyolewe…na ukijinyoa nyumbani it is not as clean as going to the barber shop,” he explained.

Going to the barber makes things worse, as it is awkward when he arrives accessorised in wigs and braids, much to the surprise of other male clients.

“Na ukienda kila time kwenda kwa barber is so awkward another awkward moment ni ukienda kwa barber kila msee anakuangalia na ako like…huyu ameingia ako na wig na braids amekuja kufanya nini,” he said.

This is the creator’s second cosmetic procedure, as in 2022, he swallowed a weight loss balloon to help him control his weight gain.

He however was not satisfied with the results and ended up putting the weight he lost back on. He recently appeared on the ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ show on Netflix where he discussed liposuction with the show’s star Diana Marua, both stating that they were considering going for it.

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