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KNEC Announces KCSE Examiners Training And How To Apply

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The Kenya National Examinations Council(KNEC) on Monday, July 1, announced the training of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examiners, set to take place for a week between Sunday, August 18 and Saturday, August 24.

KNEC has encouraged interested individuals to apply and shortlisted candidates will be notified through an text message (SMS) with a link to the portal. They are then required to pay Kshs 10,500 for the training fee.

The examiners should meet the following criteria:

1. Must be registered and/or be employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC)

2. Must have a diploma in education (and above), and have a minimum teaching experience of three years.

3. Must be a practicising teacher in the relevant subject areas at the level of examination.

4. Must not be on interdiction or any other form of disciplinary action by the TSC.

5. Must be recommended by his/her head of institution and must be 50 years of age and below.

The examining authority pointed out that teachers who are already trained as KCSE examiners and are in the KNEC database of examiners need not apply.

The commission noted that the training slots are limited, and only eligible teachers who have provided all the required documents will be considered for the exercise.

KNEC stated that the training venue will be communicated to the qualified applicants at a later date, and the exercise will be strictly residential.

How to apply
KNEC requires applicants to do the following:

1. Access the KNEC examiners’ portal using the link https://examinersapp.knec.ac.ke;

2. Those with CP2 accounts should log into the portal using their usernames and passwords.

3. Those who have forgotten their CP2 passwords should click on the ‘reset password’ button and enter their mobile number in the format (2547**********) and submit to get new passwords for logging to the system.

4. Those without CP2 accounts should click on Create Account and follow the instructions to acquire login credentials to access the system.

Upon successful login, applicants are to complete their personal profile and save. On the dashboard, they are rquired to click on apply for training and all the declared vacancies will be available for the applicants to choose from.

KNEC also mentioned that due to the limited number of slots, the application portal will close down after the required number of trainees is attained.

Applicants are encouraged to apply promptly to avoid missing out on the opportunities.

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