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LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba brutally murdered

LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba found dead

If you have found yourself here, it figures you have also been asking yourself why the LGBTQ community has some how found itself at the center of attention. Before we delve in too deep, I might as well spoil it here and share that this story is about Edwin Chiloba and his partner, Jackton Odhiambo.

Edwin Kiptoo Chiloba, a renowned fashion icon and LGBTQ activist was found brutally murdered, earlier this week, and his body dumped in a metallic box by the roadside. As witnesses would come out to say that a unregistered probox, white in color, dropped the box and drove away. These witnesses curiosity would have definitely killed a clowder of cats, for a sneak peek into the box unveiled a ‘man’s body in women clothes’ gagged and wrapped in a duvet.

When this news broke the internet, many of the LGBTQ community trothed the streets of twitter with claims such as Edwin had been killed because he identified as gay. As the numbers of supporters grew, so did those of the homophobic netizens. I, dear reader, find it time wasting on your part to tell you much about the vile and disgust that was in the tweets from both sides, seeing as the death of such a legend in fashion is a big loss to this country’s artistic world.

As is a common thing for information to be brought out when you are dead and trending, many of Edwin Chiloba’s posts and content resurfaced. Going through this content revealed that two theories could be right. The first preposterous theory, that he had been killed because of his identity, could be argued that since he was openly gay in an openly homophobic county then he might have been targeted. In many photos and videos, he is dressed in the stereotypic code amongst the gay.

In the second theory that brought much to light including the arrest of the suspected murderer, was that he had been killed just for him ,and possibly even within the LGBTQ community itself. Dear reader, I, as a self-appointed internet detective, stumbled upon a video the deceased took at his home and to no surprise at all, was captured with a duvet which was also present in the metallic box he was found in. Another was of a video he took on New year’s eve which clearly depicts him dressed in the exact same attire he was found dead in.

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Stay with me dear reader, let’s circle back to another character in this story. His name is John Odhiambo alias, Jackton Odhiambo, a  public figure in the LGBTQ community. Jackton was featured in the new year’s video, dancing behind the late, dressed in a suit with a buttoned up shirt that we cant tell the color because of club lighting. In addition to this, the property manager at Edwin Chiloba’s residence confirmed that the two have been cohabiting for almost a year. I wont fill all the dashes but I can volunteer that it was the same house in which the duvet-featured video was recorded.

The property manager shared with the police that he had seen Jackton come down stairs carrying a metallic box citing that they were relocating. A metal box identical to the one Edwin Chiloba was stuffed into. Neighbors also claim that they had noises, a scream and then complete silence from the couples house who they claim were in a heavily toxic relationship. In the following days ,one neighbor complained of rancid smell emanating from the unknown crime scene. Jackton was quick to state that they had found a dead rat under the sofa and had thrown it out but the stench remained.

When a story captures the country’s attention such as this a lot of stakeholders get involved and resources put in to solve it at all cost. The police outdid themselves, followed clues and apprehended Jackton Odhiambo who immediately confessed to the crime. This brought back another uproar on the net as people who identify as straight demanded an immediate apology from the LGBTQ community, stating that the purport to receive hate all over, when they hate themselves from within their circles.

Sad as it may be, this story unravels another dire question that should be considered heavily by all Kenyans. In the past couple of years, murders among young couples has been a common thing even outside the LGBTQ. Maybe this year, we should resolute to find out the cause of this rising trend and come up with impactful solutions. Starting from mental health and the cord severing of toxic relations masked beneath ‘Love’. Its time we start teaching children how to love right, discuss more about the dangers of immorality in disguise as ‘sherehe’.

Edwin Chiloba had a personality that will be greatly missed evidently from all the love he is receiving, in the not so strange mode of flowers when you are dead. It has been a great blow to the Kenyan artistic field. May his soul rest in peace!

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