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Man Who Relocated to the UK Shares Why Building Mansions in the Village when Parents are dead Is a Bad Idea

Eke Ako, a UK-based African man, has shared his perspective on why building mansions in one’s village might not be the best financial decision, especially if one’s parents are no longer alive or if one doesn’t frequently visit.

Ako emphasizes that succumbing to societal expectations to build grand homes in the village can lead to wasted resources.

He points out that unless you regularly spend time in the village or have your parents living there, a large house in a rural area is likely to remain underutilized.

“The pressure of a village house. Bro, don’t succumb to any pressure to build a mansion in the village, unless your parents are alive or you regularly spend time there. Your village house is a place where you will barely sleep if you have a business in town or live in the city,” he wrote in a social media post on Monday.

Instead, Ako advises investing in urban real estate.

He suggests buying land or building a house in town where it can serve a practical purpose, such as providing rental income or being sold at a later date when one is ready to retire.

“I suggest you buy land in town or build in town, sell it later when you are ready to retire in the village, and then build a contemporary one then,” he says.

This approach ensures that the investment remains functional and potentially profitable until it is genuinely needed for retirement.

Ako also cautions against building homes in the village simply because peers are doing so.

“Don’t build in the village because your mates are building. It is a waste of funds, unless your village is a place where tenants can rent your house,” he notes.

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