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Mildred Bichanga: How 23-Year-Old Qatar Househelp Built Parents’ Kshs 1.7 M House In Four Months

Mildred Bichanga built her parents a splendid house (r) in four months PHOTO:Courtesy

Mildred Bichanga’s dream had always been to put up a house for her parents, but growing up in poverty it was a daunting task for the firstborn of six, but one she was willing to face head-on.

After she completed her high school education in 2019, her studies stalled following the COVID-19 pandemic, and she resorted to moving to Qatar where she became a domestic worker.

The mother of one who hails from Kisii County began saving her salary, and little by little she was able to pool funds that would be enough to build a house. Mildred said that it was a token of her appreciation to her parents and that it would not have settled well with her if her affairs were in order while her family was still languishing in poverty.

“Despite the challenges I found in Qatar, I refused to give up whenever I remember the tough times at home. I had promised my mother, and I was planning to keep it.

I began building this year, and the house was done within four months. It is a three-bedroom house that cost me about KSh 1.7 million including furniture,” Bichanga excitedly said.

She faced opposition from her step-family, who often discouraged her from working to change their situation back home.

“They do not want to see us successful. That is one reason that pushes me daily. I promised my mother that I would make life easier and better for her. It was more about her, it was for her,” she said.

Bichanga encouraged the youth to embrace caring for their parents while they were alive and go the extra mile to provide for their needs in any capacity that they can.

“To make it in life, you need your parents’ blessings. What better way to do that than by making them happy? The blessings of parents go a long way,” she said.

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