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MP John Kiarie Heckled At A Funeral by Gen Zs After Backing Controversial Finance Bill

Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie PHOTO: Nation

Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie also known as KJ was booed off the mic at a funeral on Friday, June 21, a day after he and other 203 legislators voted to pass the 2024 Finance bill.

He struggled to pass his message of condolence to the bereaved family amid heckles by angry mourners who asked him to leave the podium.

This forced the event’s moderator to walk up and pick the microphone from the MP’s hand, cutting his speech short and forcing him to take back his seat.

Shouts of ‘Traitor’ and ‘You Betrayed Us’ rent the air as onlooking members of the crowd stared in disbelief at the sheer boldness of the youth to taunt the parliamentarian.

Kiarie on Wednesday, June 19 was speaking in parliament when he argued that the Tuesday protests against the unpopular Finance Bill did not affect the decisions to be made in the house.

He went on to claim that photos shared online about the protests were a mirage, adding that the locations did not seem like they were Kenyan.

“The lie persists, Mr. Speaker, because some of the photos that we were seeing out of the streets, I can tell you as a graphics editor that they don’t belong to this country,” Kiarie asserted.

He further stated that the photos had been doctored to push a narrative that Kenyans were against the bill.

“I am a photo expert and I can point out to you, photos that were edited to look like they were in the streets of Nairobi but they were not,” he added.

His sentiments sparked online outrage, with picketers calling him out for gaslighting Kenyans into believing that the incidents of the day were fake.

They then turned up in thousands across the country onĀ  Thursday, June 20 in the nationwide Occupy Parliament peaceful demonstrations daring him online to take back his words.

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