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‘Msiniwekelee’:Senator Aaron Cheruiyot Dismisses Flashy Lifestyle Claims, Denies Owning Viral Kshs 117K Shoes

Kericho County Senator Aaron Cheruiyot has set the record straight regarding his lifestyle after Kenyans questioned his spending choices following a photo that circulated online of him in shoes similar to those by a luxury brand worth KShs 117,000.

Given the current state of the country, Kenyans are targeting politicians flaunting their flashy lifestyles especially following the proposed taxes on the Finance Bill 2024 to criticize on various social media platforms.

Speaking to the Standard , the senate majority leader cleared the air regarding his shoes, whose price he corrected assuring was a fraction of the estimated figure.

“Hio kiatu haipiti ata KShs 15,000, we were on the US trip where I entered a random mall and got the shoes for $100 ( kshs 12,919),” he stated.

His shoes caught the eye of hawk-eyed netizens, who argued  had a striking resemblance to the Paul Parkman Wingtip Goodyear Welted Brown and Beige Oxfords which are worth KShs 116,800.

“That brand they are saying I bought from, I have never heard of it until they brought it up,” he affirmed.

He went on to reveal that his footwear is sourced locally from his childhood friends who owns shoe stores in the country to further make clear that he was not one to parade extravagance given the harsh economic times.

” Mimi hiyo mambo ya flashy lifestyle sijui, wasiniwekelee,” Cheruiyot maintained.

UDA- allied politicians are having a hard time connecting with Kenyans after they voted in favour of the contentious Finance Bill 2024, and moreso because of their tone-deaf responses to the pleas made calling for its rejection.

A number of representatives have in the past taken to their social media platforms flaunting their wealth , showcasing their expensive possessions and blantant spending to followers who are persevering the runaway high cost of living that makes food, medicine, fuel and electricity unaffordable.

This is believed to be one of the main triggers that fueled the occupation of Parliament by protesters on Tuesday, June 25, which saw scores lose their lives ans ither critically injured by anti-riot police.

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