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Nairobi Schools Lead as Africa’s Most Expensive, Charging Up to Kshs 4.7M in Fees

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A report published by the International Schools Database on Wednesday, June 13 has named Nairobi as the city with the most expensive schools in Africa.

Annual fees at international schools in Nairobi run up to Kshs 4.71 million placing it first in the content and 67th on the global scale with New York leading as the destination with the most expensive schools in the world.

The report further revealed that the median price of school fees in Nairobi is Ksh688,000(USD 5.335) annually. South African and Moroccan cities Johannesburg and Casablanca follow closely with median prices pegged at Ksh681,100 (USD 5,301) and Ksh674,700 (USD 5,251) respectively.

“The top 3 most expensive cities are all very close together in terms of median prices for international schools. Nairobi, Johannesburg and Casablanca all have median prices of around Ksh681,000 (USD5.300) per year,” the report read.

Internationally, the USA and China were identified as the priciest countries for international education.

Within Europe, countries like Spain, Portugal, Denmark, and Bulgaria were noted for hosting international schools offering affordable education.

“While New York City is once again the most expensive destination in the world for international schools, it is cities across China that really dominate the top end of the pricing scale. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou all feature in the top 10 highest prices,” read part of the report.

Fees in the two countries, the USA and China, ranged between Ksh618,300 (USD 4,812) and Ksh8.4 million (USD 65,850).

The International School of Kenya is the most expensive in Nairobi, with fees ranging from Kshs 2.5 million up to Kshs 4.9 million per year.

Brook House School is the second-most pricey institution, and parents part with fees ranging from Kshs 400,000 up to Kshs 3.9 million every year.

Peponi School is the third-most expensive, with fees beginning at Kshs 2.8 million up to Kshs 3.8 million inclusive of tuition and boarding per annum.

Other prestigious institutions include Woodland Star International School, Greenstead International School and Hillcrest International School.

The majority of the international schools in Nairobi cater predominantly to students from affluent families, including politicians, celebrities, and other high-profile individuals. They offer scholarships to cash-strapped students who qualify for their programs.


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