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Netizens In Stitches After Viral Performance By Akurinu Singer Hezeh Ndungu’s Wife Clad In His Clothes

Hezeh Ndung'u estranged wife Mary Ndung'u dressed in his clothes PHOTO: Mary Hezeh Ndung'u/Facebook

Estranged singer of Akurinu singer Hezeh Ndungu, Mary Ndung’u created a buzz online after she displayed rib-cracking antics on social media mimicking her husband.

In a viral video, Mary wa Hezeh as she is popularly known, was in her husband’s signature outfit while performing his hits at a club. She even accessorized her stylish ensemble with a classic wooden walking cane.

Clad in his sky-blue turban, tonic monochrome shirt, traditional tie, grey high-waist trousers, an oversized black coat and his signature pointed shoes, Mary treated revellers to a thrilling show, featuring backup singers who doubled as dancers.

Mary allegedly has been parodying her husband following a spat that led to their separation.

Scorned by the dispute, Mary had been wearing his clothes left at her residence, as well as making appearances as him in a bid to get his attention.

She has been photographed with various Kikuyu entertainers like singer Joyce Wa Mama and comedian Karwimbo and since then her shenanigans have caught the attention of social media users.

“You guys, this shawty is the scorned second wife of Heze Ndung’u (the Akorino singer).

So she’s been wearing the clothes he left at her place and making appearances as him and performing his songs,” X user Meran stated.

“😭wearing his clothes down to the shoes, singing his songs and even doing interviews as him😭I stan a queen fr 😂😂😂aki naisha wheeee,” another netizen named Wambui quipped.

Fans lauded the move, stating her artistry was her gateway to recovery after the turbulent journey of her marriage, despite the extent of pettiness she exhibited.

“A WIN in my books. Hii Kenya haitaki watu wanalalisha,” Kaysparks stated.

“Is this petty queen getting paid? Pls say yes,” Nduku Wambua wrote

“I’m in love with her pettiness. This is the way and the truth,” another user commented.

Mary was driven to the brink three months ago after her squabbles with her husband caused a rift in the marriage. She then exposed him for lying about his illness, to garner sympathy from the public.

She went further accusing him of fabricating lies to obtain money from philanthropist Karangu Muraya and his followers.

Muraya and Hezeh’s first wife, Milka, came to his defence and accused Mary of damaging the singer’s reputation.


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