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Netizens Roast J Blessing’s Marriage Advice ,Tell Him Off Over Avril Assault Drama

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Kenyan cinematographer and director J Blessing recently made headlines by offering tips on achieving a successful marriage, stating that in his opinion, finding a wife did not equate to finding a true partner.

He shared his sentiments during the launch of “The Bahati Empire’, where he among other celebrities opined that men often prioritize finding a wife over finding a true partner.

“Mimi ntasema hivi, it’s very good to have a partner in life you know we say wife and we make it look like a relationship should be in a certain way. The difference is that everyone can have a wife but not everyone can have a partner,” J Blessing remarked.

He explained the difference between a wife and a partner, noting that a partner supports your endeavours and overlooks minor imperfections.

“A partner is someone who believes in what you do, when you see someone who sees beyond the silly things that you may do then that’s a partner but a wife, everyone can have a wife,” he stated.

J Blessing has never been married, despite fathering children with several notable female celebrities, even gaining the moniker ‘Father Abraham’.

He shares children with radio presenter Mwende Macharia, singer Laika, actress Chantelle and singer Avril.

His views have since provoked a negative response from social media users, with many telling him off as he is least qualified to speak, seeing that he is the common denominator in his failed relationships.

The majority rehashed his recent scandal where he was accused of battering his baby mama Avril Nyambura in late 2023.

“Hatujasahau he is abusive,” one netizen stated.

“Says the man that’s violent!!! Let him find himself first,” a user named Anita Muhu opined.

“He should be the last person to speak,” Njoki Ess stated.

J Blessing admitted that he had a part in the abuse allegations and apologized for his actions, taking full responsibility for what he described as a moment of weakness.

“I sincerely apologise for any harm I have caused Avril or any other person. I am not innocent. I take full responsibility for that moment of weakness,” he shared in a post on social media.

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