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‘Nimewapa Content’: Betty Kyallo Unbothered By Reactions After Going Public With Young Boyfriend

Media personality Betty Kyallo and her new boyfriend PHOTO:Bettymuteikyallo/ Instagram

Kenyan media personality Betty Kyallo broke the internet after she revealed her younger boyfriend Charlie Jones on Instagram on Friday, June 14.

She penned a heartfelt birthday message to her partner, accompanied by a scenic video of them at Ngong Hills. In her message, she expressed her deep affection and wished him continued success in life.

She even shared his quirky response to her birthday shoutout, joking about how fascinating it was to date a younger man, with vast differences in language and expression.

Netizens were quick to comment on her new relationship, with many congratulating her for her newfound love, while others still bent on their age gap, suggesting that it is just a phase and she would snap out of it soon.

“I think Kenyans is time we stop judging and be happy for others, she is happy and am happy for her.@bettymuteikyallo God’s time is the best gal,” Minoo Jane commented.

“Pili Pili ya mwenzio inakuwashia nini? Eeeh ! Let Betty thrive,” Julie Kimuli supported.

“She’s always finding “the one” every year,” Stella Cheptoo quipped.

“This called mental instability, mental health is real, let’s check up on each other,” another user opined.

Betty took to her Instagram stories, telling off critics, telling them to focus on her bulletin on TV47 instead of her trending relationship.

“I’m happy. Wacha tuskume. Mambo deadly deadly.

“Leo nimewapa content, anyway see you at 9 pm on TV47,” she concluded.

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