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Njambi Koikai’s Father Passes Away Under Unclear Circumstances

Njambi Koikai's father Ambassador Daniel Koikai died this morning PHOTO:Courtesy

Daniel Koikai, the father of the late reggae MC Njambi Koikai, also known as Jahmby Fyah Mumma, has allegedly passed on.

Reports from Ghetto Radio reveal that the late entertainer’s father did not attend her funeral and died under unclear circumstances on the morning of Friday, June 14.

Ambassador Koikai had opened up about his relationship with his daughter, revealing that they had good and bad times.

He delivered a solemn tribute to his daughter during her memorial on Thursday, June 13, stating that he regretted immensely his absence in her life during his work abroad during her childhood.

“When times were good, we would go shopping and have lunch at some restaurants in the city, and you enjoyed meeting me very much. I deeply miss the good times we shared.

“During the bad times, we would go days or months without talking, something I blame myself for and will always regret as I’ve lost the chance to make things right with you,” Koikai wrote.

He apologized for his shortcomings, seeking forgiveness for all the time lost, stating that it was the most difficult time of his life having to remember her through cherished memories.

“Dear Njambi my daughter, the time has come for me to atone for my acts of omission or commission on your final journey from this world it has been one of the most difficult episodes in my life, especially for your close family members – your mother, sister aunts, uncles and colleagues in the media and friends in and out of the country,” Daniel Koikai said.

“I will remember you in many ways and I ask here in public where I may not have fulfilled my duties as your Dad please forgive me, forgive me, and forgive me. And I pray that your soul will rest in Eternal Peace. Till we meet again bye-bye,”. he read.


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