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Oparanya Shares Main Reason He Has A Girlfriend Despite Being Married To Two Women

Former governor Wycliffe Oparanya and his girlfriend Mary Biketi PHOTO:Courtesy

Former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya’s lifestyle surprised many after he publicly confirmed that he had a girlfriend outside of his two wives, shocking many with how bold he was as a public figure to be a polygamist.

The former county head was speaking during a tour of his palatial residence in Butere and disclosed what drove his decision to maintain a third partner and why he chose to keep things simple without rushing to the altar a third time.

“After politics, you need someone to keep you busy. My wife (one of them)lives here she cannot accompany me everywhere, and sometimes you just need to relax with a beautiful lady around you. That is why I have her,” he said in an interview with KTN.

He added that he was not interested in increasing the number of his wives, stating that his financial capability would be stretched thin if he were to marry again. He is content with having three partners who he said he takes care of well.

“There is no vacancy for another woman. Life is very expensive,” he said.

He also shared how his upbringing influenced his life choices, including having multiple spouses and having them live together in his grand mansion.

“I was born alone. My mother always taught me to be sincere. We were born five, but unfortunately, the first four siblings died. My mother used to tell me to have more children when I grew up to compensate for what she could have had. I don’t cheat,” he narrated.

Oparanya was the talk of town after netizens leaked photos of him and his girlfriend Mary Biketi online, rousing speculation over the nature of their relationship. Biketi came out confirming that she was involved with the former governor, much to the disbelief of many. It was not until Oparanya himself acknowledged the authenticity of the photos.

“Those are very genuine photos. I don’t know why someone wastes time trying to circulate them, but it’s unfortunate,” He lamented.

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