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Parents Of Popular Vixen Sarah Gwan Allege Foul Play In Daughter’s Mysterious Death

Popular video vixen Sarah Gwan who died after she fell from a storied building PHOTO: Courtesy

The family of Sarah Njogu popularly known as Sarah Gwan has come out dismissing claims that the vixen met her death through suicide, alleging that there was some wrongful behavior involved in her mysterious death.

The vixen’s father Geoffrey Njogu believed that the story detailing the series of events leading to her fatal fall was marred with inconsistencies and that her friends had a part in it.

He stated that when he was notified of her death he made his way from Karatina to Nairobi where he found that the incident had not been reported yet, prompting him to head to Kasarani Police Station to make the report himself.

“I was asleep. I quickly got up and started preparing myself to go to Nairobi. I arrived at Nairobi at around 7 am and went straight to Kasarani Police Station where I notified the police that my daughter had just fallen from a balcony and the family suspects that her friends were behind it all, ” Njogu told Citizen Digital.

Her mother, Mary Wanjiru, had been told by her friends that Sarah had jumped from the second-floor balcony herself, but it did not make sense because she believed that her daughter had no reason to take her own life.

“I know my daughter. She was the strongest woman in my household. Sarah began her independence quite early in life, as a very young girl. She was very strong at heart and a go-getter. There is no way Sarah would kill herself. That’s not the Sarah I knew,” her mother said.

“At 2 am is when her friends called me and told me my daughter had allegedly thrown herself off a building.

I went to St Francis Hospital and found her in a bad condition, she was bleeding from the ears and the head.

We managed to transfer her to Kenyatta National Hospital, ICU and that is where she died,” the bereaved mother stated.

The parents firmly believe that their daughter was pushed off by her friends who were her roommates.

The ladies linked to the fall were arrested and have been released on a cash bond of Kshs 60,000 as investigations continue.

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