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Pastor Ng’ang’a To Join Protesters In The Anti-Finance Bill Protests On Tuesday

Neno Evangelism Centre Pastor Ng'ang'a PHOTO:Courtesy

Neno Evangelist Pastor Ng’ang’a announced that he will join picketers on the march against the Finance Bill 2024 on Tuesday, June 25.

He was speaking to his congregants in the church where he decried harassment by the current government over land ownership, alleging that he has lost parcels of land to state officials.

He said that he was privy to a plan by authorities to grab private land, claiming that various parcels have been lotted in different parts of the country, his included.

In his frustration, he vowed to join Kenyans in protesting the Finance Bill as he is also a scorned citizen and was tired of harassment.

“Kuna shamba yangu iko kule Naivasha acre kumi na tano naskia kuna watu wa serikali wameweka fence wamechukua acre sijui acre tano na moja ni yangu hapo… ole wako wewe.

One day, mtaondoka…watu wenye mashamba ndio wananyayasa wale hawana…nafikiri hiyo maaandamano ingine hata mimi nitakuako,” he vowed.

The televangelist took it a notch higher, daring law enforcers to show up with tear gas canisters and try to disperse him.

“Hata mimi nitakua kwa hiyo maandamano sasa mje na teargas mnipige, I can also speak as a mwananachi nitaacha upastor hapa wacha mtaniona tu,” he swore.

Pastor Ng’ang’a has always been at loggerheads with the government following his contentious parcel of land on which his church sits.

There has always been a brawl between the two, with the government arguing that Ng’ang’a put up his church on public land as it is located beside the highway. At the same time, the pastor opines that he is targeted because of his popularity.


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