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‘Politicians Are People Too’: Karen Nyamu Says As She Apologizes For Roping Kotex Into Infamous Tampon Initiative

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu PHOTO: Courtesy

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has apologized to sanitary company Kotex following backlash after she announced that her foundation would be partnering with the firm to supply free tampons to underprivileged girls in slums.

She was expressing her views on her social media platforms where she defended her intentions with the initiative, stating that as a politician she always has the people’s best interests at heart despite her political inclination.

“You don’t have to agree with my political affiliation but you can appreciate this noble cause my foundation has taken up to expose our girls to alternative feminine hygiene products like tampons and period cups,” she stated.

She also asked companies to be considerate of politicians who seek to collaborate on their projects for the good of the community.

“Sometimes companies forget political figures are also people and what we do to impact the community is bigger than ourselves,” she noted.

She then apologized to Kotex for the adverse reaction the company received after she announced their new partnership, which she said forced the firm to make a statement distancing itself from the senator.

“As for Kotex Kenya, I feel sorry for the backlash you had to endure yesterday due to my political stand at a time when political temperatures in the country are hot, forcing you to make the statement you made. Our aim is not to set you up so we will let it rest there,” Nyamu wrote.

The nominated senator promised to see the project through to fruition, adding that she was excited to give back to the community.

“My foundation & I will diligently work to make sure this project will come to fruition. Nothing excites me and lights my soul like engaging the ground to make a difference,” she stated.

On Sunday, June 30, Kotex flagged the senator’s post announcing their partnership as fake. saying it does not engage in political affiliations and endorsements.

“Kotex hereby confirms that no discussions have taken place with Karen Nyamu. Any assertions regarding a prospective partnership involving Kotex are entirely false.

“We emphasize that Kotex does not engage in any political affiliations or endorsements,” Kotex Kenya said.

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