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Robert Macharia: How This Farmer is Managing 82 Dairy Goats in a Small Plot in Githurai

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Robert Macharia is a farmer plying his trade from a small space within Githurai, Nairobi County.

He got into agribusiness over a decade ago with just two goats, but he has since grown to have 80 more, making a kill from the venture.

Macharia got into dairy goat farming after many customers within his locality started inquiring about where to buy goat milk.

Here is his story as told by EAFeed.

Macharia started his agribusiness in 2012 with only two goats, hoping to provide a steady source of milk for his family.

However, after receiving numerous milk queries, he recognized the untapped potential of goat milk farming in his neighborhood and made the rapid choice to grow his livestock business.

Macharia’s goat husbandry has increased rapidly over the years, and he now owns 82 dairy goats, including those he has sold.

With the goats generating over 70 liters of milk each day, his supply is constantly in demand at the adjacent Githurai market, which has a huge population and is close to Nairobi.

The director feeds his goats a combination of dairy meal, Lucerne, Lucerne and Boma Rhodes grass to ensure that they generate the highest possible milk yield.

Even though his farm is small, Macharia emphasizes the need of strategic planning in urban farming.

“We’re all about passion when starting an agribusiness. The same motivation that drove me from the beginning is what has brought me this far

“We must remember to feed our animals for quality, not quantity. It’s about providing the necessary nutrients for their bodies, not just filling up their stomachs,” he explained.

Macharia has divided his goat pens into specialized clusters for different stages of the animals’ maturation, and he has purchased both the German and French Alpine varieties of bucks for intentional breeding.

He advised farmers interested in urban dairy goat farming should shift their focus from traditional ways to smart farming.

Macharia said they should perceive themselves as entrepreneurs joining the agribusiness industry rather than simply farmers.

He noted that by taking this strategy, other Kenyans looking to improve their livelihoods will be able to succeed in goat farming as well.

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