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‘Tuko America’: Baba Jimmy Moves Family To The US

Baba Jimmy and his family on a flight while heading to America. Photo:Mama Jimmy. Source: TikTok

After sharing a video detailing their relocation struggles, trending TikTok family Baba Jimmy, wife Judy and two children have finally left for the US.

The Kakamega family had shared that they hit a snug acquiring US visas for their children delaying their trip, and imploring their followers to pray for them.

Baba Jimmy, his wife Judy, and their two children shot into the limelight after detailing their life at their rural home in Kakamega.

Baba Jimmy, real name Isaiah is an Indiana-born missionary from the US who grabbed the attention of social media users owing to his mastery of the Swahili language coated in a thick Luhya accent amusing social media users.

He came to Kenya on a ministering mission, and while others returned to their countries of origin, he remained and married Judy with whom he had two children, a boy and a girl.

They are now minister together, working at their Kingdom Driven Ministry church and Wajumbe Training Bible School. They also have a record label, Wajumbe Records where they release gospel music.

Baba Jimmys shared a photo of the family aboard the plane to the US, showing their excitement to start a new life in the land of opportunity.

Netizens congratulated the family as they embarked on their new journey, wishing them well in their future endeavours.

“Whoever waits for God will never be ashamed,” Elis Muturi commented.

“This is how patience pays. Look at Mama Jimmy now, heading to America,” Susan Mungai opined.

Baba Jimmy dismissed comments from followers who urged him to be discreet about their achievements.

“Eh kwa wale wamesema ati maneno tusiongee tusiambie watu maneno yetu, wacha niwaambie, kitu, Bibilia inasema katika kuwaogopa wandamu huleta mtego bali amtumanie bwana atakuwa salama,” he reacted.

After their arrival, he made a video featuring Mama Jimmy, prompting her to share their location by asking “Mama Jimmy tuko wapi” to which she responded, “Tuko America.”

He went on to affirm their safe arrival, thanking those who made their relocation possible.

“Sisi tuko salama tumesafiri, tumefika vizuri. Mungu ameweza kutenda tuliomba sana mambo ya passport na tuliweza kupata tena kwa wakati an tu weza kusafiri vizuri. Na tunashukuru wote ambapo wametusaidia” he said closing the video.

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