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Twist As Kenyans ‘Salimia’ The Wrong John Kiarie, Mistakenly Send Him KShs 96K

Kenyans mistakenly sent Kshs 96K to a man sharing a name with Dagoretti MP John Kiarie PHOTO:Courtesy

In the recent ‘Salimia’ trend where numbers of public figures are leaked online for Kenyans to badger with their frustration, things took a surprising twist after a number apparently owned by a man named John Kiarie was leaked, with netizens thronging to pester who they thought was the Dagorreti South Member of Parliament.

The man who shares the same name as the parliamentarian was shocked after his personal line was dealt with a barrage of calls, messages, and unintended financial transfers.

Speaking to Homeboyz Radio’s Drive Show, hosted by Lotan and Jakes Nyojam, the KJ namesake addressed Kenyans explaining that it was a case of mistaken identity, and that he was not the embattled MP.

“Mimi si mheshimiwa, watu wote wameshinda wakinipigia kwani sai ndo mumefunguliwa, hii number si yake, nmetumia hii from nkiwa class 8 in 2008,” he said in the interview.

This led to him receiving Kshs 96,000 from strangers who sought to know who the original owner of the number was, only that he was not the person they were after. While he was grateful for the funds, Kiarie maintained that he is not affiliated with the Dagoretti South MP.

“Uyo mtu ni jina tu tunashare but hata simjui na hata mimi si wa Dagoretti. Lakini ni vizuri wamenitumia pesa, sai imefika Sh96K,” he stated.

The Dagoretti South MP enraged Kenyans after commenting on the Anti-Finance protests, deeming them inauthentic and claiming that photos from the demonstrations had been doctored to push a narrative that people were against the Finance Bill which he voted in favour of.

He has since retracted his statements, and apologized profusely online stating that he commented on the heat of the moment, acknowledging that his sentiments added fuel to the anger and frustration of Kenyans in the current administration.

“I truly apologise for comments I made regarding the protest and the authenticity of certain images,” Kiarie began in his handwritten note.

“In the heat of the moment, during the debate on the Finance Bill, my words were unnecessary, misguided and insensitive,” he added.

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