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Unapologetic Elsa Majimbo Steers Clear Of Kenyan Issues, Prioritizing Self

Internet sensation Elsa Majimbo Photo: Courtesy

Internet sensation and comedian Elsa Majimbo has declared that she will not be participating in the discourse regarding Kenyan issues about the contentious Finance Bill 2024.

The social media influencer who already has a strained relationship with Kenyans shared that the last time she used her platform to speak on matters affecting Kenya, she was bullied off the internet.

Instead, she has opted to prioritize her mental health, and will not be sharing her opinions but urged Kenyans to continue championing their rights.

“Last time I spoke about Kenyan issues I was told to shut up and go play dress up. That’s exactly what I’m doing this round , Whatever I do y’all will bully me so I’m just going to continue with life. I choose ✨mental health✨” her post read.

Her supporters implored her to use her platforms to speak up noting that the controversial Finance Bill has gained massive online traction.

“Majimbo you should use your voice to speak up it’s important. Haters always gon hate,” Nelson Amenya urged.

“Surely Elsa, how will Kenyans across the 254 borders amplify their voices, tomorrow without your support? Remember you’re the pillar that has held this country together since Independence,” an X user named Mwihaki Wa Nganga said.

She said she was facing personal challenges that have driven her focus elsewhere.

“Usually I wouldn’t care and get involved regardless but I’m going through a lot and can’t add another bullying extravaganza to my plate,” she wrote.

Her post comes at a time when pressure has been increasing on celebrities to reject the Finance Bill, with netizens calling out those who have remained silent.

Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress was one of the latest celebrities to face the wrath of Kenyans online after she engaged in comment section battles with netizens following her stance on the unpopular Finance Bill.

She was forced to retract her comments and issue a public apology for her insensitive comments to her followers.

The nationwide protests have entered their second day today, and Kenyans are keeping their eyes peeled on celebrities, ready to call out those who are against the cause.

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