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Akothee: Why We Should Never Consider Accommodating Relatives in Our Homes

In a provocative social media post, Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has sparked a heated debate on the perennial issue of hosting upcountry relatives in urban homes.

The celebrated musician and businesswoman minced no words as she cautioned against the practice, citing the mental and financial toll it takes on city dwellers.

Akothee’s message was clear: in the modern age, accommodating relatives is an untenable burden.

“Let us all agree that in this generation, we are incapable of living with or accommodating relatives. We are all mentally unstable, including the children you want to impose on us. Let everyone come to Nairobi and hustle like we did; there are no comfort zones,” she asserted.

Her argument centers on the reality that many of these relatives do not contribute to the household.

Instead, they become a source of stress and discord.

“They spend all day lounging on couches, eating leftovers, and consuming more than the homeowners. They even have the audacity to beat up our wives and children. They expose our secrets and turn our children into content for TikTok,” Akothee lamented.

This behavior not only disrupts the harmony of the household but also strains the financial resources of the hosts, who are already working hard to support their own families.

Akothee’s stance challenges a deeply ingrained cultural norm. In many African societies, it is expected that those who move to urban areas will support their extended families by hosting them.

However, Akothee argues that this tradition is no longer viable in the contemporary world. The pressures of modern life, coupled with the need for mental space and stability, make it difficult for urban dwellers to take on additional responsibilities.

Moreover, she pointed out the long-term damage such arrangements can cause to family relationships.

“This child, your favorite child you are imposing on us, will break our family relationships for good. We might even choose not to come home because of what they have reported to you,” she warned.

Akothee’s suggestion is for upcountry families to support their children by renting them their own accommodation in the city, which allows them to hustle independently while still receiving support from afar.

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