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Anne Stella Karimi: From A Video Vixen To A Top Actress, Her Illustrious Career Journey

Anne Stella Karimi: From A Video Vixen To A Top Actress, Her Illustrious Career Journey
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Anne Stella Karimi is a popular Kenyan actress whose talent and prowess has enchanted many, especially on her recent role as Wambo on A Nurse Toto. She developed love for acting at the age of 4 when she played queen in the story of John the Baptist. This progressed and she has played in some of the most popular shows in Kenya.

High School and Drama Festivals

While at St. Mary’s Igojo, she was an active participant in the drama club. After high school, she was spotted by the Kenya Aeronautical College (KAC) who asked her to represent them in that years (2014) drama festivals in Nyeri.

She then joined the University of Nairobi to pursue a degree course in Literature, Theatre and Film. While at the University, KAC recalled her to represent them in the 2015 drama festival.

This was the second consecutive year she represented the school at the drama festival. She traveled to Nakuru for the festival and was spotted by Abel Mutua, who impressed by her performance, promised to sign her up if the play won.

Although flattered, she did not let this get into her head and concentrated on giving her best. The place was also filled with other big names and luckily their play won and it opened the way for her to join Hapa Kule News.

Professional Acting Career

Her first professional acting gig was on Hapa Kule News in 2015. This was followed by her role as Becky on the popular series: Sue na Jonnie.

The role was to initially be played by Idah Alishah who had done the pilot but eventually left for the USA leaving the role open.

Becky was a loud and confrontational character unafraid of expressing her views. Becky works as a receptionist at Mambo Ajab Agency and suffered from bipolar.

She was featured as Eva on Baba Twins, a role that earned her an award for Best Supporting Actress at the Kalasha Awards. The talented actress has also gotten roles in shows like Kina and A Nurse Toto.

The actress in 2023 landed a job in K24 TV called E- Nteractive alongside Sarah Ibrahim.

She has also done several online skits including featuring on Eddie Butita’s Ma EX episodes.

Video vixen

In 2016, she appeared in the music video of the song My Darling by Elani featuring Jose Chameleon.

Personal Life

In a past interview, she also revealed that she had done crazy things for love. This included spending Sh180,000 to support an ex-boyfriend.

“At the time I was making more money than he was so I was like, if you feel that this is what is going to build our empire, then well and good,” she said adding that she took money from her savings and salary to support the said dream which she alleged was an unwise decision.

In 2023, she mourned the death of her boyfriend Kelly. The couple met in 2016 and he passed away after getting involved in a road accident.

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