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Bahati Demands DNA Test for All His Kids Days After Posting Undated Photo of His Wife Chilling with Victor Wanyama

The photos Bahati posted on his Instagram PHOTO: Bahatikenya/Instagram

Musician turned reality TV star Kevin Bahati has set the internet ablaze by demanding DNA tests for all his children.

This comes just days after he posted an undated photo of his wife, Diana Marua, and former Harambee Stars midfielder Victor Wanyama.

The photo, which surfaced online in 2020, has led to widespread speculation about Marua’s relationship with the former football star.

In a video captured on their new Netflix show, Bahati is seen tearfully explaining his concerns to Diana. He asserts that Kenyans were talking ill about the paternity of their children, and he felt the need to have DNA tests to put the speculated rumors to rest.

“I have been thinking about something. People have been talking about a lot of things online. I have been seeing things on the blogs. So I have decided that I will take a DNA test for all the kids,” he said.

In her response, Diana asked, “Are you for real?” Bahati then burst into tears, leaving Diana begging him to wipe his tears and reassuring him that everything would be fine. “I love you, and this won’t happen to us. Stop crying, babe,” she said.

During an interview with Betty Kyalo on TV47, Bahati addressed the photo he posted of his wife alongside Victor Wanyama. When asked if he consulted Wanyama before posting the photo on his social media pages, Bahati said, “Why should I ask Wanyama if I can post the photo while it is him and his friend? Let me tell you something. I never said anything. Wanyama and Mariga are my friends. I even campaigned for Mariga in Kibra.”

He further explained, “At times you see rumors, and when you are quiet, they fuel more rumors. But when you show people that it’s normal, they will keep quiet.”

Bahati felt that addressing the rumors would not have been beneficial and opted for a more light-hearted approach.

“Most of my fans know that I adopted my son. When the photo was trending a while back, I don’t think Wanyama had a thick skin like I have, and so one day it was trending, and it’s a cruel social media world. It got to him. If I came out to address it, it would not help anyone. I chose to be sarcastic about it and move on,” Bahati explained.

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