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Citizen TV Host Azeezah: Why I Will Never Marry My Fellow Celebrity

Citizen TV show host Azeezah Hashim has disclosed why she will never date her fellow celebrities.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, the media Messiah, as she is popularly known, said that dating a celebrity would be the hardest decision to make, as they are very hard to keep up with and controlling in their behavior.

“Never!!!!!! These celebrity people trouble the mind, I don’t want any part of it,” Azeezah said.

She further stated that once she finds the love of her life, she will stop going for interviews as it will be the best time for her to settle down and take care of her husband.

“I am here, babe. I can cook. I can clean. And if you marry me, I’ll leave the media stories behind and settle at home, I won’t even speak,” she added.

Azeezah also shared that she wouldn’t mind being married as a second wife, as long as there is peace in their union.

“I would be married as a second or third wife, where is the problem in that? If I were a second wife and you respect me and want another wife, I wouldn’t mind,” Azeezah explained.

Once in a polygamous marriage, the Citizen TV host said that she would team up with her fellow co-wife and take care of their man.

She also hinted that she might get married before the end of this year.

“I see myself getting married before this year ends,” she added.

She opened up about her past relationships, hinting that she had been through worse and praying that she doesn’t end up in the same situation she was in a while back.

“Hell is an understatement; it’s like people don’t know I’m a baby girl out here… There was someone who left me with a cake in town…”

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