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Sakaja’s Wife On Raising Two Boys And Dealing With Husband’s Critics

Nairobi County First Lady Beatrice Sakaja

Nairobi County’s First Lady Beatrice Sakaja recently made her stance known on how she feels about media coverage of her husband Governor Johnson Sakaja.

Beatrice stated in an interview on the ‘Hey Mama’ YouTube channel that she avoids consuming information that hurts her husband’s political career and she prefers to be in her bubble, which she describes as a cocooned life.

This has been well communicated to her close circle and they are aware that whatever is put out in the media should remain unshared with her.

“Like I told you, I like to live my cocoon life. And it’s fairly easy for me as an adult to just avoid news or information that I don’t want to read about. So if somebody is dissing my husband online, I don’t read it, and my friends and family know that they shouldn’t send it to me. They don’t bother, so I can live in that cocoon,” she said.

This however poses a challenge to her parenting style, because as much as she would want to shield her two children from the negativity, they interact with their counterparts who are privy to the information.

“I forgot that my children do not live in that cocoon and they might not go looking for that information but their friends do, they google their dad. And I ask them why they were googling your dad or googling me and they say it was their friends,” she added.

She also added that she avoids social media because she loves her privacy, adding that it is difficult to find her anywhere.

This has helped foster a somewhat normal life for her children because they can take part in activities where they are not easily recognized and can avoid the frenzy.

“It is easier for me to take them to town and show them that this is town because they need to know these things and nobody is going to bother us,” she said.

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