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Done! Master Chef Dennis Ombachi Bags Ksh 3.2 Million In TikTok’s Change Makers Program

Tiktok star Dennis Ombachi has been named in the TikTok’s Change Makers Program Photo:Courtesy

Former Kenya Rugby Sevens player turned internet chef Dennis Ombachi has reaped big after he was named one of 50 content creators in the newly launched TikTok’s Change Makers Program.

In Africa, Ombachi is one of four creators set to receive a Kshs 3.2 million($25,000) donation, part of the Ksh 131 million($1 million) Change Makers Grant.

This was after an announcement on Titkok’s official account, sharing that selected creators would be using their platforms to build engaged communities, reach new audiences, and unlock real-world opportunities.

“Meet the Changemakers who inspire, educate and advocate for their communities around the world. Over the next six months, they are not just making videos, they are making a difference,” the caption read.

TikTok aims to empower the creators through funding the causes they care about and through the grant, non-profit organizations and the change makers will benefit from dedicated tools, resources, and donations.

Ombachi who is a self-taught chef has a following of 2.3 million and came into the limelight after showcasing his culinary prowess that went viral during the 2020 pandemic.

The former sportsman has shared his struggles with depression and bipolar disorder, especially after he hit rock bottom following a career-ending injury, leading him to learn how to cook to maintain his mental health.

He ventured into content creation, sharing videos of him cooking on his balcony assuming a signature style of monosyllabic commentary with a catchphrase “Done!” attracting thousands of followers.

He was named TikTok’s Best African Content Creator in 2022.

Ombachi now uses his platform to shed light on the plight of underprivileged members of society, partnering with brands to improve their lives.

He is now collaborating with the local non-profit organization Mtoto News, a digital platform dedicated to empowering young people in the digital and tech industry, with a focus on incorporating their input to make online platforms safer for everyone.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dennis Ombachi and TikTok to amplify children’s voices across Africa. This collaboration will ensure that the perspectives of African children on crucial issues such as Climate Change, Education, and Digital Wellbeing are heard loud and clear. Together, we are committed to empowering the next generation and ensuring their voices make a difference,” Jennifer Kaberi, CEO of Mtoto News said.

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